Wednesday, October 17, 2007

So bored with the "campaign". Also, figured out the Portal theme.

Sorry for no political posts last night. Two reasons -
  1. I was distracted by this and then had to exorcise the catchy closing song by figuring it out on piano (Sadly, haven't practised that instrument for a long time, so the playing's a bit shaky).

  1. I'm bored of this campaign already.

Seriously, we know how the campaign will go. The major parties will announce an escalating series of tax cuts and targeted bribes. News Ltd will accuse the Greens of promising to inject your child with gay heroin. The Democrats will be ignored. Fundies First will pop up every week or so saying something disingenuous like "if you hate WorkChoices vote for us instead of the other three anti-WorkChoices parties because we have the word "family" in our party name!" Television will become unwatchable with the Liberals screaming that there are unionists under your bed and the day Rudd is elected the economy will explode, and Labor pointing out that interest rates were 22% when Howard was treasurer so what's their point.

And what it'll come down to - whether swinging voters in marginal seats buy the fear campaign or not - is completely below the radar of the news coverage. No-one knows. Are they listening? Are they trying not to listen but will eventually succumb to the relentless "Labor = poverty" attack ads with the sinister red-on-black cover scheme and intimidating music?

And nothing we discuss has any bearing on that. It makes even commenting on the thing seem pointless.

It's a bad election to have a political blog.

UPDATE: If you're here for the Portal song, I've also done a (admittedly fairly obvious) lolportal. And that comment thread has nothing about Australian politics.
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